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Roshan in Cantebury, VIC 3126

Rather than a typical pavilion extension where old and new are clearly delineated. The extension is extruded using the existing profile through the site with a portion of mass subtracted to house a new swimming pool and central garden. As the angle of the site narrows towards the rear the arrangement of masses edits views towards trees in adjacent sites or focuses the attention to the internal courtyard; blocking out the neighbouring houses.


On the western end the extrusion is cut away to accommodate a swimming pool with large granite blades. The blades are oriented to face due north letting in winter sun into the living space and blocking the views of the neighbouring houses. Externally the blades provide a simple gesture as its verticality is heightened by the water’s reflection.


The extension is split into two uses; the extrusion connected to the existing house and the bedroom wing which is linked by a semi-underground link. The first floor of the bedroom block is clad in black aluminium slats to thin out the mass and allow it to recede into the background. The master bedroom predominantly takes advantage of the site’s topography; allowing a fully glazed wall facing the courtyard whilst remaining unseen from the living/dining area on the opposite side.


Minimal colours and finishes of black, white, grey granite and American oak were selected; as the texture of materials were the focus to create subtle differences.

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